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White Chocolate Cranberry Honeycomb DipS

These were nice but extremely sweet, something which I don’t normally have but if you have a sweet tooth you’ll love these. They’re also quite hard since they’re honeycomb so a bit difficult to bite into.

Honeycomb Bar Gift Box
Karen Clugston

Oh my what a delight. Prompt delivery , super service . And the honeycomb superb, the best I've ever tasted

So delicious!

So delicious and without any nasty stuff like palm oil which makes me ill. I absolutely love this wonderful brand! ❤️

Honeycomb Bar Gift Box
Sarah Turpitt
Lovely treat

So nice, a good size too, great tasty treat


These honeycomb are amazing , lovely chunky honeycomb and think chocolate, and lovely flavours too 5/5


Love them. Better than crunchie bars. I will order more asap. The one gripe I have is the cost of delivery, too much.

Stunningly Christmassy

These are BEAUTIFUL! . They truly would make the most incredible Christmas present. Obviously in my case, they didn’t make it that far! A gorgeous honeycomb covered in a smooth gingerbread milk chocolate. I’m absolutely hooked!!

Honeycomb Bar Gift Box
Margaret P Grice
Fabulous treats

They are absolutely scrumptious. Would definitely recommend them.

Honeycomb Bar Gift Box
Frances Brooks

Delicious, moorish.


Well honeycomb bars are delicious. Infact I like them all the honeycomb is mouthwatering. Will def buy again thank you


Couldn't stop eating these. I'll be buying more 😋

Absolutely delicious

I really enjoyed tucking into these . Highly recommended


They’re so good that Iv eaten 12 packs in like 2 days.
If you a crunchy fan then you need to try these.
Salted caramel are the ones to get


This were in a hamper gifted to my parents and I was so impressed with them I tracked down the company ordered my brother some for his birthday and ordered myself some at the same time. a delicious treat I'd treat myself to more and more.

Salted delight

Another fab purchase. Thank you

Best Value Bundle!
Hilary White

Very good bundle of a delicious product 😋😋


Unfortunately I find these too tempting. I will persevere until they are done. Absolutely delicious.

Absolutely Delicious

Try these Bars they are absolutely delicious!

Salted heaven

I love salted caramel honeycomb. I am about to make my third order of them. Thank you Mighty Fine


I love these bars. The chocolate is creamy, the honeycomb is dense, and it's a good size for snacking. I was impressed that it has only 131 calories; it's great for people who are losing weight but don't want to deny themselves completely. Since the honeycomb is very sweet and the chocolate very rich, the 30g bar is absolutely satisfying for a sweet craving. Gluten free too as a bonus. Very highly recommended.


Most delicious and very good value, give them a try!


The taste of these is a delight on the tongue

Salted Caramel Honeycomb Dips 90g

Excellent even the chocolate is really good


Chocolate honey combe

Yummy delicious!