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What is Honeycomb?

Honeycomb is a delightfully light, confectionery classic. It has lots of names depending on where you are from in the country or world - Cinder Toffee, Sponge Candy, Puff Candy, Sponge Toffee, Hokey Pokey, Old Fashioned Puff, Dalgona (Korea), Sea Foam. 

It is made by boiling sugar to a high temperature and adding bicarbonate of soda to create bubbles. It sounds easy but getting it spot on every time is tricky. 

We handmake it small batches using traditional copper pots and some updated tweaks that make ours the lightest and crispiest honeycomb there is. 

What kind of chocolate do you use?

There is one thing we obsess about as much as honeycomb and that is chocolate. We are proud to use Fairtrade Belgian Chocolate to smother our chocolate & almonds. By using Fairtrade chocolate we are supporting the sustainable development of small producers and organisations in developing countries.

Do you use palm oil? 

Never. We choose all our ingredients really carefully and base our decisions on a variety of key factors. Sustainability and environmental impact are an important part of this consideration.

Why do your products vary in size and shape?

Good question. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Our products are handmade in the UK at our own accredited facility, in small batches. We’ve perfected our process for quality, not uniformity – no two pieces are ever the same.

What is skinny coated?

Some of our products, such as our almonds, have a thin coating of chocolate on them. We worked hard on a roasting profile that delivers a fabulous nutty flavour and sweetness, but felt other producers ruined this king of nuts with way too much chocolate.

We think we’ve perfected the ultimate lighter nutty-goodness eat with our skinny coating!

Do your products contain allergens?

Yes they do. All our products are made in a factory that handles nuts and some of our products are nuts. A small amount of contamination is possible, so please always read the product labels for full information. Please message us if you have any allergen questions. 

For full details of all product allergens, please see our individual product listings and/or back of pack information.

Are your products Vegan?

We currently have a few Vegan-Friendly options: deliciously light no-honey honeycomb in Vegan Salted Caramel and Vegan Dark Chocolate Orange flavours, plus our Dark Chocolate Skinny Coated Almonds.  

These products are made in a factory that handles milk and honey.

How will I know my order has been sent? 

  You will get an email to confirm your order and another one as soon as the order has been shipped. We send all the orders via Royal Mail and you can choose between 24 delivery service or standard which is usually 3-5 days.

If we make a mistake - then in advance, sorry. We are pretty accurate but if it does happen we will rectify it as soon as we possibly can. Email with your order number and we will jump on it as quickly as possible and get the right products out to you. 

What if my order is damaged? 

If there's ever a case where your order is damaged or faulty, you will, of course, be able to get a refund or replacement. Please let us know by emailing within 30 working days of receiving your order - with the order number, product description, reason for return and whether you require a replacement or refund. If you'd like a refund, you'll receive the full order amount along with your return postage cost, processed to the payment card within 30 days.

Why is my order late?  

We use Royal Mail to ship all of our packages and for the most part this happens like clockwork. There are occasions when logistics don't go to plan and if your parcel has not arrived 2 days after your shipping confirmation email please let us know at . 

What are the shipping times and costs?  

We try to process your order within 24 hours of receipt, so please leave around 3-4 working days to receive your order. Since Covid in 2020, the UK courier network has been much closer to capacity and whilst things are more normal in 2023, the market remains busier than ever.

Shipping is now free for orders over £29.99, £4.50 for standard delivery (3-5 days) and £5.50 for 24hr delivery.

In warmer months, we recommend opting for the 24hr delivery service to avoid the chances of your chocolate melting!

Do you ship internationally?  

Unfortunately, we don't ship internationally from our website at the minute. However, we are always looking to work with export partners and so if your query relates to exporting our products at a wholesale level please email:

Returns Policy

Unfortunately, we can't facilitate product returns if you change your mind.

 If your item is damaged please contact

Can I sell Mighty Fine in our café, shop or online?

Absolutely yes of course. Please drop us a line to with your enquiry and we’d love to have a chat about what products and set-up would suit you best.






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